In Germany the EMGEG-Group is ranked among the leading enterprises in the range of the culinary hospitality. 

They have grown step by step, the two visionaries Sadi Sanlav and Mo Rahimi who learnt more than 20 years ago from scratch the craft of good bar and eating culture. Since then more than 300 employees work every day to build up the style of the EMGEG traditions with all the recorded values and continue them. 

•   The essence: is to live up heart and soul in our gastronomies.

•   The mission: Continuously establishing quality, service and highest demand.

•   The aim: Additional conceptional realisation of  “Just go once for a good meal”!


The members of the EMGEG family are inter alia:

•   Druckwasserwerk: Restaurant (regional, fine cuisine)

•   Weidenhof: Café │ Bar │Restaurant (regional cuisine)

•   Rinks: Café │ Lifestyle – Bar │ Restaurant (regional cuisine)

•   Harvey’s: Café │Lifestyle – Bar │Restaurant (regional and international cuisine)

•   Little Italy: Café │ Lifestyle -Bar │Restaurant (Italian-American cuisine)

•   Dunkin’ Donuts: Presently 7 branches in the Rhein-Main Area (3x in Frankfurt, 1x in Hanau, 1x in Heidelberg, 1x in Wiesbaden, 1x    Aschaffenburg, 1x in Heidelberg,

•   The Legend: Lifestyle, Café, Tattoo, Barbershop


The gastronomic enterprises are complemented by the own event agency “HEADZ EVENT”. Whether event concepts bound to themes, gala events, conferences or corporate events – the high standard of quality encourages again and again to maintain the service-oriented performance and to further optimise it. Whether you would like to experience the “Tasty culinary art once in a different way”, take care of a good price-performance ratio or place value on stylish furnishings.

At the end it continues to be the principle of EMGEG “just go once for a good meal”: EINFACH MAL GUT ESSEN GEHEN!